With the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, notable figures from the legacy system of finance are resisting innovation. outsmartbigbrother.com/2021/06

The subscription AmmoSquared announced Thursday that it will “no longer post or provide customer support through” the platforms “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube”.


(Secure SHell) is used in order to use one to control another computer. This can be done over insecure networks (like the ) because of the used to protect the data transferred between the involved.

Since is easily traceable, it cannot be truly fungible.

If I receive a bitcoin, an investigator could falsely associate me with a crime simply because of that specific bitcoin's past history.

Privacy coins like are needed in order to achieve true fungibility.

Parler has had issues with adding new users after the AWS fiasco. The web functionality for it now seems to be improving.

Bitcoin is the OG cryptocurrency.
But what is a cryptocurrency and why should I care?
Find out in this episode.

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If there is any context in which you should be paranoid, THIS IS IT. Cybersecurity can make or break your organization, so take it seriously.


Encryption is complicated? 🧐 Not with Tutanota. Just try it for yourself: tutanota.com/ 😀

"Last week, CoinDesk was served a powerful reminder that the ability to disseminate information in the Web 2.0 era remains subject to the permission of a few centralized Internet gatekeepers"

--CoinDesk opinion regarding temporary YouTube suspension.

Good thing we have blockchain-powered alternatives 😏


"...anybody who wants to participate in a protest unmonitored, engage in clandestine meetings, or travel untracked has to, at a minimum, leave behind all cell phones and other modern electronic devices connected to their names and identities. A burner phone purchased with cash and free of social media accounts is probably fine, but that's as far as it goes. The conveniences of the connected modern world come with a steep price: our anonymity."

Right-wing social media platform Gab got hacked.

Regardless of your political beliefs, basic  practices are essential.


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