Democrats still struggling with how to message the midterms.

In the four months since West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin torpedoed the President's signature Build Back Better plan, Democrats have struggled to rally around a cohesive midterm message.

YouTube is the Russian opposition's lifeline. It's also keeping them down.

Unlike some other platforms, YouTube has not yet been blocked by the Russian government. But opposition leaders say Google's corporate decision to stop selling ads in Russia is hurting their movement's ability to reach additional eyeballs.

January 6 committee to hold 8 hearings in June, chairman says.

Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, who chairs the House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill insurrection, told reporters Thursday that the committee will hold eight hearings spread out through the month of June.

Manchin is convening meetings on clean energy and climate. But few know exactly what he wants out of a deal.

Democrats are quickly running out of time to clinch a deal on a climate and clean energy package -- one of the last vestiges of President Joe Biden's original agenda.

One of five Texas family members charged in US Capitol riot pleads guilty.

A Texas man pleaded guilty on Thursday in federal court to climbing through a broken window and walking around the US Capitol with his parents and sisters on January 6, 2021.

Biden taking 'hard look' at student loan debt but 'not considering' forgiving $50,000 per borrower.

President Joe Biden said Thursday he's considering ways to deal with reducing student debt burdens, but forgiving $50,000 in loans isn't in the cards.

So, Joe Manchin was kidding about switching parties?.

In their book, "This Will Not Pass," New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burns write of a dinner between Republican Sens. John Thune, Susan Collins and Rob Portman and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in early 2021.

Donald Trump lived in fear of being hit by, um, 'dangerous' fruit.

Donald Trump feared being killed by thrown fruit.

DCCC chair on GOP effort to beat him: 'Bring it'.

Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, recently traveled to the Hudson Valley to raise money against his Democratic counterpart in his own backyard.

Biden to propose streamlining how US seizes assets from Russian oligarchs to help Ukraine.

President Joe Biden will send a proposal to Congress Thursday outlining a legislative package to further pressure Russian oligarchs over Russia's war in Ukraine, including using money from their seized assets to fund Ukraine's defense, the White House said.

John Kasich Fast Facts.

Read CNN's Fast Facts about John Kasich and learn more about the Republican former governor of Ohio and 2016 presidential candidate.

An important shift in Ukraine -- and the US hopes more weapons will help.

The war in Ukraine may be entering a new and critical stage with a fresh focus by Russia's military, a last stand in a key Ukrainian city and the promise of additional firepower from the US to help Ukraine fight back.

Biden will tout 'small business boom' in roundtable with small business owners at White House.

The Biden administration will release a report Thursday touting what it's calling a "small business boom" under its watch, while hitting Republicans for policies it warns would "increase taxes on small businesses across the country."

How the widening war in Ukraine will cost the world.

The vicious epicenter of the war in Ukraine now rests in the scorched cities of the east and the south. But the conflict's reverberations are widening in a way that will leave few people on Earth -- from small-town America to poverty-stricken Africa -- untouched.

Durham prosecutors detail criminal probe into tech executive who worked on Trump-Russia back channel claims.

Special counsel John Durham has an active and ongoing criminal probe into a tech executive who worked with a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign lawyer to share claims of a cyber back channel between Donald Trump and Russia, prosecutors said in court Wednesday.

House GOP's Trump defenders eye long game with McCarthy and avoid fight for now.

Donald Trump's staunchest allies don't like what they heard House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy saying on tape about the ex-President and some of their GOP colleagues after the Capitol attack. But they and the former President are holding their fire -- at least for now.

Biden to visit South Korea and Japan next month as he works to keep focus on Asia.

President Joe Biden will make his first trip to Asia as president next month, visiting South Korea and Japan from May 20 to May 24, White House officials told CNN, underscoring his commitment to the region even as international attention is directed toward the crisis in Ukraine.

Elizabeth Warren is setting up a 'told ya so' moment for the 2022 midterms.

Everywhere you look these days, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is sounding the alarm about her party's prospects in the midterm elections.

Trump's appraiser was 'not consistent' in adhering to internal quality controls, judge says.

The Trump Organization's long-time appraiser inconsistently applied its internal quality-control practices when valuing properties for former President Donald Trump's real estate business, a state judge said Wednesday.

New York's highest court blocks Democratic-drawn congressional map over gerrymandering.

New York's highest court blocked the state's Democratic-drawn congressional map Wednesday, concluding that the new boundaries represented a partisan gerrymander that violates the state constitution.

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