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@Linux4Everyone Not sure of the reason why you want to delete your account? Because of a comment?

I'm afraid that any platform that is monetized attracts the same types....move to peertube, @tilvids is a great and supportive "edutainment" instance that would be happy to host you:).

Think of #peertube as more of the WordPress of video hosting, no need to be on a centralized platform, which odysee says it isn't but for all intents and purposes, it is

@Linux4Everyone Please don't. It's pointless to listen to what every comment says (unless they have something constructive to say).

I like your content over there and I probably wouldn't have watched your channel if it was not there.

A child born today will never know privacy.

Everything that they do and everything that they say will be recorded, analysed, and monetised.

They will take for granted that this is the way that the world is — unless we do something about it now, while we still can.


SR66 is live for the latest #privacy & #security news🕵️‍♂️

Main Stories:
- Newest Java exploit
- Life360 Data breach
- Plethora of FOSS updates
- Much more (busy week!)


Glowing headbands that read your mood? Velcro slippers tracking toddlers' movements? Surveillance of children is getting more and more minute, and it's at to your child's school too. Support #FreeSoftware

We are working on a new fedilab version. The whole code is being refractored.
App will work offline, so you can go through the past toots in your home timeline even when you don't have internet.
Our plan is to make the UI more clean and simple, while somehow keeping the existing features.
Also, the app will work smoothly.
Still lot of work to do. We'll share more updates with you. Let us know your thoughts

As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: urge your friends to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware.

The right to repair is crucial for a free future, this is illustrated in our animated video "Fight to Repair." Join our campaign and inform others on the state of #RightToRepair in your country. #FightToRepair


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