Just by deleting my account, and when I did, I couldn't help but smile. Now there is one less thing keeping me attached to microsoft. For anyone looking to do the same and trying to give their software a new home, checkout @gitea or if you are unable to self host, use @codeberg .

@BobIsMyManager I would, but I really don't like CodeBerg's interface and I don't see how Microsoft would make money from me using free features only.

Due to the network effect, you being on the platform adds value for others to join, and those other people add value for others and so on. And there is a chance that some of those people will by github premium. Plus, github makes money from your code using copilot. And about the ui, I think it looks pretty similar to github.

@BobIsMyManager I didn't think of that. Good point. I think I'll start slowly drifting from GitHub to CodeBerg.

Regarding the UI, I really don't like how blue CB is. Also, some things just aren't intuitive. Just yesterday I tried to update a fork of mine to its master repo and I couldn't find the button that does that, so I had to delete and refork it.

Im not too much of a fan of the blue either, so I just use the arc-green theme. And btw, to fetch upstream, all you need to do is press "new pull request", press the little switch button, then open the pull request. I get that things are different and it takes time to adapt, but trust me, it's much easier then trying to go from github -> gitlab. 😁

@BobIsMyManager @gitea @codeberg Congrats! There are very very few people doing this. How many repositories did you have on GitHub? How will you manage to keep contributing to projects that are still on GitHub?

1) I only had a few, most of which being private
2) The only active project I am contributing to is libredirect, which has a mirror on codeberg that I contribute to. If I wanted to contribute to projects still on github, I guess I could do it the old fashioned way and send patches over email 😁.
@gitea @codeberg

> There are very very few people doing this.
I know, and I think it's understandable that if someone works with many teams on github it would be very difficult to , but recently I was talking to someone who didn't really contribute to any projects they didn't own, yet when I asked them to consider leaving github, they told me that they would when everyone else does. -_-
Well if everyone said that no one would ever leave github!
@gitea @codeberg

@BobIsMyManager @dachary @gitea @codeberg This is the usual social network critical mass problem, combined with peer pressure and doing what is convenient right now. I have moved my personal repos, but I'm keeping my account for drive-by contributions to other projects and for filing issues.

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